Website and Branding: Long Wireless Communications

When Long Wireless Communications decided to expand it’s successful used cell phone sales business into MVNO service plan dealership, they hired my services to develop a branding package which would make them fit in with the service providers whose plans they were offering. Through research and experience, I was able to create a design that would help to grow the business into one of the top prepaid dealers in North Carolina.

With a slogan of “Why Pay More?”, Long Wireless Communications, a part-time venture of a local Craigslist used cell phone seller, decided to begin offering Page Plus Cellular plans and services. However, in order to do that, there needed to be a storefront, either brick-and-mortar or web based, to sell plans out of. During the course of business planning, I was hired to develop the logo and website design, along with business cards and other digital and print designs. As the brand visuals were being developed, the client decided to add more providers in order to offer plans that would work with any device from any contract carrier. So my job of creating a Page Plus e-commerce solution became a multi-provider store, which would lead customers to the right plans matched up to their devices. The store also needed to sell current inventory of gently used phones. Using national wireless provider logo designs as well as designs from other media companies as inspiration, I created a logo that would fit in with other wireless stores and providers, while giving the impression of a “big name” business to differentiate from the other local competition, who not only had no branding, but also did not offer the variety and choice of Long Wireless. The website was also styled after many postpaid and prepaid companies at the time, utilizing a carousel on the home page for current specials, subtle gradients and drop shadows. I built the site on the DNN content management system, using Revindex Storefront e-commerce module. The module offered a multitude of categorization and customization options to lead customers to the right plans and capture the right data in order to successfully activate those plans once the transaction was complete.

A combination of the web presence with proper SEO, trustworthiness built by excellent customer service,¬†and word-of-mouth have grown Long Wireless Communications into one of the top prepaid dealers in the area. In fact, the company was recently approached by Verizon Wireless to become one of the first hand-picked dealers to participate in Verizon Prepaid’s new dealership program.