Marketing Design: Axiom America

Axiom America Logo

Since 2004 Axiom America has positioned itself as a full sales and service business for the growing garment decoration and textile finishing market. In 2015, the company began to also move into a higher-end sector: wide-format textile printing and related digital technologies. Knowing there was a need to establish a more refined and cohesive brand and marketing strategy, Axiom America hired me as graphic designer for a new marketing team.

While working with Axiom America, I was given full creative input, under the marketing director, to design multiple marketing assets, as well as spearhead the branding and visual language of the company. I began immediately with customizing the company’s website, which is hosted on Volusion using one of the available templates. I was able to add custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript to style the site according to the developing brand guidelines. At the same time, I designed and coded a WordPress template from scratch in order for the company blog to match the main site design. I have also had the opportunity to lead the design of the new digital textile solutions website, which is currently under development and will showcase Axiom America’s expertise in industrial textile printing technologies, as well as the products offered in that category. Other materials that were brought in line with the new design standard included a custom Pardot (Salesforce) e-mail template, sales brochures, stationery, internal forms and internal documents.